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KBOI - Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Airport
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Stick & Rudder Aviation is a Kitfox-Specific flight school, offering a brand-new Kitfox “Super Sport” special light sport aircraft (S-LSA) – tailwheel configured – for your Mountain Flying Proficiency, Tailwheel endorsement, or Sport Pilot license training.


The success of this flight school is due largely in part to it's close working relationship and support of the aircraft manufacturer (Kitfox Aircraft LLC).

Our often mutual clients are not only offered the well-rounded guidance in the behind-the-scenes manufacturing process of their Kitfox, but the Kitfox-specific flight training once their Kitfox rolls out the factory doors.  Both companies here share the motivation and vision to promote a historically safe; well-designed and tested; quality-built; beautiful-handling; and great-performing American-Made aircraft – the Kitfox “Super Sport”

We are the only factory-endorsed flight school in the world for Kitfox Aircraft.  We specialize in these areas:

  • Mountain-oriented, tailwheel training in Agile, High-performance, and rugged Kitfox Aircraft.

  • A Kitfox and an instructor are assigned to you for at least a half a day - your training endurance sets the start/stop time - not the next student.  Lunch stops at various airport cafes - often offers the re-charge time for more training.

  • With 3 (soon to be 4) relatively new Kitfox's, we can even offer the camaraderie of a team teaching (flying at the same time) for a friend or a spouse that has tagged along.

  • Accelerated "Sport Pilot" training to a license - often accomplished in less than 2 weeks, and in under 30 hours.

  • "Backcountry Training Tours" - where we link the airstrips in a circuitous loop through the canyons and around the mountains in Idaho and it's neighboring states - landing at the end of the day at fly-in only ranches (only periodically returning to civilization for gas).

Our philosophy: is even though flying is an earnest and focused endeavor - we strive to keep the training fun, challenging, and anything but repetitive.  We are fortunate to have a wide-variety of >25 private and public, un-paved, and just farm field airstrips - all within a 40 mile ring around of our own private airport base (also with it's own paved and grass airstrip).  Right our our back door (<30 minutes away) -  we have a 1000 square miles of road-less backcountry - chocked full of  >50 short, sloped, narrow, one-way airstrips offering the examples to master the backcountry flying skills taught.

Our flight school base is an easy, mostly freeway, 35 mile drive Southwest of Boise (web site "contact us" page for a map).

Come experience the difference of what we have to offer at our unique flight school...

For the past 7 years - 150 clients per year, from all around-the-world have enjoyed the experience, and always meet their goals - I'm confident, you too will be glad you visited.

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